Tuesday, March 11, 2008

About Frank Kanu

Since two decades author and leadership consultant Frank Kanu helps top managers and executives to improve success ratios and productivity.

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Frank Kanu started out in sales before he decided to study computer science and later economics. As former CEO of three European corporations, Frank has gathered, refined, and implemented his management strategy - a strategy that has met with success.

Over the past two decades he has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies to help managers improve success ratios and productivity levels. His client list includes IBM, Monster.com, AOL/TimeWarner,
Akzo Nobel, Crown Holdings, Inc., Raab Karcher Gruppe, eon.

Frank D. Kanu

An award-winning speaker who enjoys sharing his insights with business leaders, Frank has lectured frequently and written articles for publications in the United States and Europe.

Besides spending his time with his lovely wife Ada and their three beautiful children, Frank enjoys skydiving, cycling and watching sports.

He and Ada also love to cook and delight in surprising friends and acquaintances with their culinary skills.

Frank has published the book:

Stop Telling...
Start Leading!

Stop Telling... Start Leading!
The Art Of Managing People By Asking Questions

In the fifth century B.C. the Greek philosopher Socrates perfected a method of teaching in which he would ask disarmingly simple questions that actually forced people to admit what they didn't know. This book has a number of questions that follow
the Socratic tradition. The reason? Today's managers need more than the predefined answers we might think are correct, but which seldom fit the problem at hand.

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He and Ada also love to cook and delight in surprising friends and acquaintances with their culinary skills:

Feuillet├ęs aux framboises

Feuillet├ęs aux framboises

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